How to Place an Order

1. Click Here to Shop to see a full list of available products. (Or, if you are on your phone, click the menu icon at the top right and then select Click Here to Shop.)

Once you are on the Click Here to Shop page, you can also filter results by product. (Examples: dairy, drinks, fruit, meat, pastas, etc.)

OR click on the search icon at the top right of the page to search for products by name.
(Examples: cereal, brussels sprouts, etc.) 

2. Add items to your CART. Specify the quantity you want by Viewing Cart and changing the quantity.

3. Continue shopping until you have everything you want in your CART. Then CHECKOUT.

4. Fill out payment information. Please make sure to provide your EMAIL address to receive your order confirmation/receipt. (You can also add a phone number below the address field.)