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Cheese, Goat, Aged Bloomsdale (local Baetje Farms) - 1pkg. 4.75 oz. ITEM 5964

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Bloomsdale World Super Gold Winner 4 Years in Row! Bloomsdale is Baetje Farm's flagship cheese. Considered a mold ripened cheese, this cheese is rolled in a mixture of pine ash and salt and aged until it forms a beautiful bloom of white mold. As this cheese ages over time it becomes progressively softer to the point of runniness beginning from just under the rind and working towards the center. The cheese will deepen in flavor and develop some blue cheese flavor notes, though it is not a true blue cheese. 

The question is often raised, "do we eat the rind?" The answer is YES! The rind is edible and it is delicious and has the scent of earthy mushrooms. Some prefer to let it age until it is completely liquefied and use it as a savory sauce for grilled steaks.